Engineered to simplify and accelerate solar activations, EXOrac makes installation simple, up to 16 -times faster than any existing system available today.

PWRstation supplies and supports its EXOrac technology customers across the solar value chain in grid-tied and off-grid commercial, industrial, rural, utility and residential sectors around the world.


Transportable Solar Microgrid

  • 10 feet container
  • 50 solar modules
  • Plug & Play – Less than 1 hour activation
  • Hybrid Mode Compatible with Diesel
  • Ideal for leasing and rental programs

Upgrading diesel gensets to hybridized diesel-solar microgrids has never been easier

The fully integrated containerized PWRstation Genesis S Class provides electricity production in urban, commercial, industrial and rural zones. The Genesis S-Class is a scalable, off-grid solution for larger +/- 1 MWp configurations commonly used by such groups as peace keeping, humanitarian, emergency response agencies and for remote work sites.

PWRstation Genesis S 10-50
PWRstation Genesis S 10-50

PWRstation Genesis S 10-50

PWRstation Genesis S 10-50