MODEL 3 Water Heater by Heatworks
Your next whole home, tankless electric water heater.
Connected to the Internet of Things.
Spec Sheet


With twice the power and twice the hot water of our previous water heaters, the MODEL 3 is the world’s best whole home, tankless electric water heating solution. The MODEL 3 heats water using graphite electrodes, which are used in place of traditional metal heating elements. Through electronic controls, the naturally occurring minerals in your water are excited, producing heat as a byproduct of this process. The only thing that gets hot is the water, which means no scaling or corrosion over time. You’ll get purer, endless hot water. And the MODEL 3 will never require any maintenance and has a significantly longer lifespan.

A unique feature of the MODEL 3 is the ability to adjust the current from 30-100 A, depending on your hot water needs. This means, though the unit can be set to draw up to 100 A, it does not have to be set that high. The higher the power setting, the greater the amount of hot water. It can be installed where your existing water heater is or, to get hot water closer to where you want it, it can be installed anywhere there are cold and hot water lines.

The Wi-Fi enabled app will also offer insights to your water and energy usage, and will also accurately allow you to maintain temperature preferences.