Solar Technologies

Boly Inc. a hi-tech company based in Silicon Valley with offices in Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, China, specializes in the imaging and renewable energy industries.

The first solar technology device was announced to the public was the BolySolar Concentrator, at Intersolar Europe, Munich, in June 2016. BolySolar Concentrator is a technology inspired and derived from the company’s field-proven Long Range Sensing and Lighting technologies during R&D for its imaging division.

While concentration lenses have been used since the invention of photovoltaic panels, it has not brought significant advantages to the solar energy industry. The BolySolar Concentrators not only have low light absorption rate, but have all other desirable features like low cost, compact and durable. They mount on any surfaces and do not produce light pollution. BolySolar Concentrators reduce the amount of PV panels in an installation.

The dramatic PV Panel area reduction brings many advantages. First of all, the Solar Energy System cost can be greatly reduced. Second, solar heat utilization becomes easy, elegant, and efficient. Third, it makes using the best PV panels affordable. Together with the use of existing mainstream silicon-based PV panels (20+% efficiency), BolySolar Concentrators can instantly make solar power the cheapest energy source today. If the best PV panels (40+% efficiency) and heat harvest systems are jointly used, the company expects a total solar energy utilization rate of up to 80%, greatly reducing the demand of surface area.

The company expects further cost reduction in racking, installation, and inverter technology, so that at the start of 2020, the solar energy systems will cost just a small fraction of today’s, while triple or quadruple system output. Even for existing installations, the good news is that by adding BolySolar Concentrators, power generation of existing solar systems can immediately double or triple.

Stay tuned for more Boly Solar technologies to be released and change the renewable energy world.Boly


Tripler is a concentrated PV module, lessen 40% cost to ordinary PV modules. Safe design for integrated power plant, floating station and residential usage.

  • 40% cost less than ordinary PV module
  • 3 times peak density increase over existing fixed PV installations
  • 3 times annual electricity output boost from existing fixed PV installations
  • safe and closed design for integrated power plant, floating station and distributed home usage
  • Applied widely: Power station, Roof, floating station, Ground usage, Mountains and Street lights


Tripler is suit for new power plant building, about 40% cost lower than ordinary PV panels. Its special construction makes it suit for both power plants and floating stations. Its widely usage also includes distributed residential roofs and government street lights.